About JVL

JVL is set apart from the rest due to the fact that advice from a professional athletes’ perspective can be gained. With in-house advice and regulation of our clients’ progress, JVL is a leader in this Industry. With advice that has been proven to sculpt results, everyone from pregnant ladies, fitness gurus, bodybuilders or even the normal gym junky will be sure to find the advice they have been looking for at their nearest JVL retail outlet!

Jacques has been actively involved with JVL as his own lifestyle brand for the past 10 years.
Getting into the ultimate shape is not just a goal but a lifestyle. Let JVL assist you in reaching your fitness goal, because with us you will not be allowed to settle for anything less than your ultimate success.
Always finish first and never settle!

The retail outlets specialize in:

  • nutrition
  • training
  • pregnancy advice,
  • supplementation,
  • tanning products and
  • all related sports apparel.