Welcome to our Tribe

JVL’s core belief, is that physical health will flow through and lead to financial wealth, spiritual health and so much more. It’s not just about training hard, eating right or using the right supplementation – it’s about even more than that, and JVL has been at the forefront of bringing athletes, corporate individuals, housewives and just the entire family closer to their wellness goals.

JVL is a holistic lifestyle brand with a difference. The advice gained from a professional athletes’ perspective is part of the JVL gift we offer our JVL tribe members. We refer to our clients as our tribe. You need a tribe surrounding you to achieve greatness and we, at JVL, live for creating exactly that. Offering our members a personalised unique service, each and every client has specific needs and requirements

To be associated with our brand - we live victoriously and so should you!


JVL has made important strategic associations with key individuals and organisations. This has helped our brand to reach a staggering 50 000 people across all of our social media platforms over the years, with growing numbers daily.

Celebrities we have worked with: